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2-Piece Stuff-A-Burger Press & Grill Basket

Enjoy extra-thick stuffed The Stuff-A-Burger Press allows you to create up to 3/4     More info

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  • Product Id: 1192
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.00 LBS
  • Exterior Material: Steel
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Call for Sale Price

Product Description: 2-Piece Stuff-A-Burger Press & Grill Basket. 

Enjoy extra-thick stuffed The Stuff-A-Burger Press

Enjoy extra-thick stuffed The Stuff-A-Burger Press allows you to create up to 3/4 pound burgers stuffed with your favorite ingredients. To use, simply place hamburger meat in the lower container and press with the lid to create a spot for the filling. Add fillings like cheese, vegetables, sauce, or anything you can imagine! Then seal the top with another layer of hamburger and grill-up tasty gourmet burgers to impress your guests! The Stuff-A-Burger Press is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The non-stick grilling basket fits four extra-thick hamburgers and holds them securely for easy turning and transport from grill. Eliminates using a spatula over high heat or the risk of hamburgers falling apart through grill grates. Cool-touch rosewood handle grip rounds out this handy and convenient grill helper.
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Product Id 1192


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Color Black
Exterior Material Steel


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Weight 2.0000
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