Cal Flame 20-Inch Beer Tap Refrigerator / Kegerator - Stainless Steel Door With Black Top - BBQ09843B

Brand: Cal FlameModel: BBQ09843B


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  • Weight: 92.00 Lbs
  • Width: 20.38 Inches
  • Depth: 26.00 Inches
  • height: 32.38 Inches
  • Exterior Material: Painted Metal
  • Outdoor Rated: No
  • Refrigerator Type: Counter Depth
  • Cabinet Color: Black
  • Lock: No
  • Cooling System: Compressor
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Product Description: Cal Flame 20-Inch Beer Tap Refrigerator / Kegerator - Stainless Steel Door With Black Top - BBQ09843B. 

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Item Description:

The Cal Flame 20-inch Beer-Tap Refrigerator/Kegerator model BBQ09843B is the perfect place to hold your cold beverages when hosting your friends/family. Fill up a keg with your favorite beer and enjoy some drinks with the people around you! 



  • Holds a 7 3/4-gallon pony keg

  • Fully insulated cabinet to keep beverages cool

  • Rechargeable CO2 tank and cylinder

  • Removable rack for refrigerator use

  • Can be used as a standard refrigerator

  • Detachable hose line for easy cleaning


Brand Introduction:

Cal Flame is an award-winning hearth and BBQ manufacturer that offers innovative backyard solutions for every home and budget. The feature-rich Cal Flame lineup includes grills, grilling and drop-in accessories, customized outdoor kitchens, custom barbecue carts, fireplaces and fire pits.



Product Information:

UPC: 089245598435

Model Number: BBQ09843B

Size: 30 inch



Item Features:

The Cal Flame 30' Cal Flame 20-Inch Beer Tap Refrigerator / Kegerator - Stainless Steel Door With Black Top is the perfect accessory to have when hosting the big game or having people over for a barbecue. Impress your friends and family during your gathering by having easy access to your favorite beer on tap with the Kegerator. The stainless steel Kegerator has a removable rack to make it usable as a standard refrigerator when you need to keep bottles, cans or food cool instead. The detachable hose makes for easy clean-ups when the fun eventually comes to an end, but makes it easy to get back to enjoying more memorable moments with those around you. This item is back up with a ninety (90) day warranty and is not covered for outdoor use.

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Exterior Material Painted Metal


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Commercial Rated No


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Weight 92.00
Depth 26

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