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  1. What if my item is damaged upon delivery?

    Please do not sign for any damaged goods, also contact us within 7 days of delivery if your item comes damaged along with some pictures of the damaged item itself and speak to one of our representatives.

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  2. What if I received the wrong items in my order?

    If you have received the wrong merchandise from what you have ordered please contact us via phone or email and have photo evidence of your claim in advance. We will process your claim and have the issue sorted out for you.

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  3. Why is my card not being accepted?

    There are a variety of reasons why a credit card may be declined, being the card may have expired, you have a limit on the card, etc. You would need to contact your bank to sort the issue out. 

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  4. How do I enter a shipping address?

    A separate page with shipping information will be presented where you can enter the address as well as your preferred shipping method.

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  5. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, check cards or ATM cards as long as they are connected to a major credit card company. Payment can be made using our secured site from the moment of purchase straight from your cart.

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  6. What if I want to ship items in the same order to two different locations?

    We would treat these as two separate orders, we do not have the capabilities of keeping one order and delivering it to two different locations so they would need to be ordered separately.

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  7. Pricing

    Outdoor Kitchen Outlet pricing is subject to change at anytime, with that said the pricing seen on our website may not be completely accurate at all times. Refunds are not offered if the price of an item drops after the time of purchase. You can reach us directly and speak to one of our representatives to confirm the price of your items. 

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  8. Shipping

    Free shipping is offered on any order above $49.99, no matter the size. Any price lower would have the shipping calculated at check out depending on the items purchased.

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